Saturday, May 30, 2009

Edison Township seeks to prevent "inflammatory" remarks at meetings, etc.

The New Jersey Libertarian Party's Open Government Advocacy Project has commented on and made suggestions regarding the Edison Township (Middlesex County) Council's proposal to change its Administrative Code, which is up for a Council vote on January 14th. This is the code that governs the conduct at Council meetings and regulates public participation at those meetings.

Among the items questioned is a provision barring the public from making whatever the Council President determines to be "defamatory, insulting or inflammatory remarks" at meetings. I also asked for a precise definition of an "effective majority" of the Council.

The letter to the Council and the full text of the proposal is here. The full text of the existing Code is on-line here.

John Paff
Somerset, New Jersey

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  1. The excerpt from the 1949 Supreme Court decision was indeed philosphically beautiful. Thanks for sharing that one. I hope Edison takes your words of advise, but as someone who has had extensive dealings w/ Edison officials, I would have to say it is highly unlikely.